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Body Count – Clitorectomy + 5 (Bob Ross Music Service acetate)

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Body Count formed in Los Angeles in 1980

Ron Manus – Guitar
Jon Rosner – Bass
David N. White – Drums
Adam Chambers – Lead Vocal

Ron Manus: Band’s name was originally “Human Waste” but we had to change it when we landed the vaunted brunch gig at the Bla-Bla Café on Ventura, just east of Whitsett, as the bookers thought the name was too offensive to put on the marquee so we quickly changed it to Body Count.

Playing brunch is surreal and strange. People were eating breakfast treats while we screamed at them. It was our first gig so I was terrified. We were not helped by the fact that it was morning, so we had to come in from the bright sunlight of the parking lot out back to a dark stage and I couldn’t see ’cause my eyes weren’t adjusted. My amp cable in the back got pulled out and I couldn’t connect the wires in the dark. I remember our drummer David yelling at me to plug in and start playing but I couldn’t get the wires connected. I finally got it and was all stressed out as we started making the noise.

I think David and I wrote five songs the first week we got together, it came so easily at first. We were really excited because we though once we had eight songs that would be enough for a set. When we finally got eight songs we timed the set and it was seven minutes. I remember feeling really disappointed thinking we would have to write another 30 songs. Fuck.

Jon Rosner: I met Ron at New Dimensions. I was 13 or 14. The other guys were 17 I think. We practiced at Ron’s House. We played a party at Joe Lewis’ (Jerry’s son) house – Darby Crash was there – the day before he died.